Dr. P. H. Nandedkar

M.Sc. (Biotech.), M.Phil. Ph. D.

Mahatma Gandhi College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Pokharni, Nanded is one of the prominent educational institute in rural area. I thank you for your interest in our institution which is established in 2004, nearly 19 years ago. The college has constant development and excellence. It gives me great pleasure to forward the message about my institute which is a big opportunity for education to rural students surrounding in Nanded district. Our institute brought together a strong academic atmosphere with extensive vibrant co-curricular programmes that includes sports, cultural and academic activities. Our mission is to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students. Our objective behind this institute is to spread the technology of new era which is applicable to agriculture. The skill and knowledge of biotechnology is for ensuring to be a successful citizen.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world- Nelson Mandela.”

Education energies a society and enables a man to earn his living with respect and praise. I have immense pleasure to convey the message as Principal of our Mahatma Gandhi College of agriculture Biotechnology, Pokharni, Nanded. The visionary dream of our founder chairman Hon. Shri Vitthalraoji M. Jadhav Saheb, who is Ex. Member of Parliament and a true servant of education. In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we are prepared to take as much as effort as possible for betterment of our academic institute. We belive that, education is an effective medium of social transformation. We feel proud that we are part of such an excellent institute which is involved in grooming and developing the new India.